Entypo font icon library packaged for Meteor

Use this document as a way to quickly find the css styles for the icons you want to use.

Adding an icon like this is as easy as inserting an i tag
<i class="entypo entypo-light-bulb"></i>
Remember to include both the entypo class and the entypo-icon-name class
  • entypo-phone
    <i class="entypo entypo-light-bulb"></i>
  • entypo-mobile
    <i class="entypo entypo-mobile"></i>
  • entypo-mouse
    <i class="entypo entypo-mouse"></i>
  • entypo-address
    <i class="entypo entypo-address"></i>
  • entypo-mail
    <i class="entypo entypo-mail"></i>
  • entypo-paper-plane
    <i class="entypo entypo-paper-plane"></i>
  • entypo-pencil
    <i class="entypo entypo-pencil"></i>
  • entypo-feather
    <i class="entypo entypo-feather"></i>
  • entypo-attach
    <i class="entypo entypo-attach"></i>
  • entypo-inbox
    <i class="entypo entypo-inbox"></i>
  • entypo-reply
    <i class="entypo entypo-reply"></i>
  • entypo-reply-all
    <i class="entypo entypo-reply-all"></i>
  • entypo-forward
    <i class="entypo entypo-forward"></i>
  • entypo-user
    <i class="entypo entypo-user"></i>
  • entypo-users
    <i class="entypo entypo-users"></i>
  • entypo-add-user
    <i class="entypo entypo-add-user"></i>
  • entypo-vcard
    <i class="entypo entypo-vcard"></i>
  • entypo-export
    <i class="entypo entypo-export"></i>
  • entypo-location
    <i class="entypo entypo-location"></i>
  • entypo-map
    <i class="entypo entypo-map"></i>
  • entypo-compass
    <i class="entypo entypo-compass"></i>
  • entypo-direction
    <i class="entypo entypo-direction"></i>
  • entypo-hair-cross
    <i class="entypo entypo-hair-cross"></i>
  • entypo-share
    <i class="entypo entypo-share"></i>
  • entypo-shareable
    <i class="entypo entypo-shareable"></i>
  • entypo-heart
    <i class="entypo entypo-heart"></i>
  • entypo-heart-empty
    <i class="entypo entypo-heart-empty"></i>
  • entypo-star
    <i class="entypo entypo-star"></i>
  • entypo-star-empty
    <i class="entypo entypo-star-empty"></i>
  • entypo-thumbs-up
    <i class="entypo entypo-thumbs-up"></i>
  • entypo-thumbs-down
    <i class="entypo entypo-thumbs-down"></i>
  • entypo-chat
    <i class="entypo entypo-chat"></i>
  • entypo-comment
    <i class="entypo entypo-comment"></i>
  • entypo-quote
    <i class="entypo entypo-quote"></i>
  • entypo-home
    <i class="entypo entypo-home"></i>
  • entypo-popup
    <i class="entypo entypo-popup"></i>
  • entypo-search
    <i class="entypo entypo-search"></i>
  • entypo-flashlight
    <i class="entypo entypo-flashlight"></i>
  • entypo-print
    <i class="entypo entypo-print"></i>
  • entypo-bell
    <i class="entypo entypo-bell"></i>
  • entypo-link
    <i class="entypo entypo-link"></i>
  • entypo-flag
    <i class="entypo entypo-flag"></i>
  • entypo-cog
    <i class="entypo entypo-cog"></i>
  • entypo-tools
    <i class="entypo entypo-tools"></i>
  • entypo-trophy
    <i class="entypo entypo-trophy"></i>
  • entypo-tag
    <i class="entypo entypo-tag"></i>
  • entypo-camera
    <i class="entypo entypo-camera"></i>
  • entypo-megaphone
    <i class="entypo entypo-megaphone"></i>
  • entypo-moon
    <i class="entypo entypo-moon"></i>
  • entypo-palette
    <i class="entypo entypo-palette"></i>
  • entypo-leaf
    <i class="entypo entypo-leaf"></i>
  • entypo-note
    <i class="entypo entypo-note"></i>
  • entypo-beamed-note
    <i class="entypo entypo-beamed-note"></i>
  • entypo-new
    <i class="entypo entypo-new"></i>
  • entypo-graduation-cap
    <i class="entypo entypo-graduation-cap"></i>
  • entypo-book
    <i class="entypo entypo-book"></i>
  • entypo-newspaper
    <i class="entypo entypo-newspaper"></i>
  • entypo-bag
    <i class="entypo entypo-bag"></i>
  • entypo-airplane
    <i class="entypo entypo-airplane"></i>
  • entypo-lifebuoy
    <i class="entypo entypo-lifebuoy"></i>
  • entypo-eye
    <i class="entypo entypo-eye"></i>
  • entypo-clock
    <i class="entypo entypo-clock"></i>
  • entypo-mic
    <i class="entypo entypo-mic"></i>
  • entypo-calendar
    <i class="entypo entypo-calendar"></i>
  • entypo-flash
    <i class="entypo entypo-flash"></i>
  • entypo-thunder-cloud
    <i class="entypo entypo-thunder-cloud"></i>
  • entypo-droplet
    <i class="entypo entypo-droplet"></i>
  • entypo-cd
    <i class="entypo entypo-cd"></i>
  • entypo-briefcase
    <i class="entypo entypo-briefcase"></i>
  • entypo-air
    <i class="entypo entypo-air"></i>
  • entypo-gauge
    <i class="entypo entypo-gauge"></i>
  • entypo-language
    <i class="entypo entypo-language"></i>
  • entypo-hourglass
    <i class="entypo entypo-hourglass"></i>
  • entypo-network
    <i class="entypo entypo-network"></i>
  • entypo-key
    <i class="entypo entypo-key"></i>
  • entypo-battery
    <i class="entypo entypo-battery"></i>
  • entypo-bucket
    <i class="entypo entypo-bucket"></i>
  • entypo-magnet
    <i class="entypo entypo-magnet"></i>
  • entypo-drive
    <i class="entypo entypo-drive"></i>
  • entypo-cup
    <i class="entypo entypo-cup"></i>
  • entypo-rocket
    <i class="entypo entypo-rocket"></i>
  • entypo-brush
    <i class="entypo entypo-brush"></i>
  • entypo-suitcase
    <i class="entypo entypo-suitcase"></i>
  • entypo-traffic-cone
    <i class="entypo entypo-traffic-cone"></i>
  • entypo-globe
    <i class="entypo entypo-globe"></i>
  • entypo-keyboard
    <i class="entypo entypo-keyboard"></i>
  • entypo-browser
    <i class="entypo entypo-browser"></i>
  • entypo-publish
    <i class="entypo entypo-publish"></i>
  • entypo-progress-3
    <i class="entypo entypo-progress-3"></i>
  • entypo-progress-2
    <i class="entypo entypo-progress-2"></i>
  • entypo-progress-1
    <i class="entypo entypo-progress-1"></i>
  • entypo-progress-0
    <i class="entypo entypo-progress-0"></i>
  • entypo-light-down
    <i class="entypo entypo-light-down"></i>
  • entypo-light-up
    <i class="entypo entypo-light-up"></i>
  • entypo-adjust
    <i class="entypo entypo-adjust"></i>
  • entypo-code
    <i class="entypo entypo-code"></i>
  • entypo-monitor
    <i class="entypo entypo-monitor"></i>
  • entypo-infinity
    <i class="entypo entypo-infinity"></i>
  • entypo-light-bulb
    <i class="entypo entypo-light-bulb"></i>
  • entypo-credit-card
    <i class="entypo entypo-credit-card"></i>
  • entypo-database
    <i class="entypo entypo-database"></i>
  • entypo-voicemail
    <i class="entypo entypo-voicemail"></i>
  • entypo-clipboard
    <i class="entypo entypo-clipboard"></i>
  • entypo-cart
    <i class="entypo entypo-cart"></i>
  • entypo-box
    <i class="entypo entypo-box"></i>
  • entypo-ticket
    <i class="entypo entypo-ticket"></i>
  • entypo-rss
    <i class="entypo entypo-rss"></i>
  • entypo-signal
    <i class="entypo entypo-signal"></i>
  • entypo-thermometer
    <i class="entypo entypo-thermometer"></i>
  • entypo-water
    <i class="entypo entypo-water"></i>
  • entypo-sweden
    <i class="entypo entypo-sweden"></i>
  • entypo-line-graph
    <i class="entypo entypo-line-graph"></i>
  • entypo-pie-chart
    <i class="entypo entypo-pie-chart"></i>
  • entypo-bar-graph
    <i class="entypo entypo-bar-graph"></i>
  • entypo-area-graph
    <i class="entypo entypo-area-graph"></i>
  • entypo-lock
    <i class="entypo entypo-lock"></i>
  • entypo-lock-open
    <i class="entypo entypo-lock-open"></i>
  • entypo-logout
    <i class="entypo entypo-logout"></i>
  • entypo-login
    <i class="entypo entypo-login"></i>
  • entypo-check
    <i class="entypo entypo-check"></i>
  • entypo-cross
    <i class="entypo entypo-cross"></i>
  • entypo-squared-minus
    <i class="entypo entypo-squared-minus"></i>
  • entypo-squared-plus
    <i class="entypo entypo-squared-plus"></i>
  • entypo-squared-cross
    <i class="entypo entypo-squared-cross"></i>
  • entypo-circled-minus
    <i class="entypo entypo-circled-minus"></i>
  • entypo-circled-plus
    <i class="entypo entypo-circled-plus"></i>
  • entypo-circled-cross
    <i class="entypo entypo-circled-cross"></i>
  • entypo-minus
    <i class="entypo entypo-minus"></i>
  • entypo-plus
    <i class="entypo entypo-plus"></i>
  • entypo-erase
    <i class="entypo entypo-erase"></i>
  • entypo-block
    <i class="entypo entypo-block"></i>
  • entypo-info
    <i class="entypo entypo-info"></i>
  • entypo-circled-info
    <i class="entypo entypo-circled-info"></i>
  • entypo-help
    <i class="entypo entypo-help"></i>
  • entypo-circled-help
    <i class="entypo entypo-circled-help"></i>
  • entypo-warning
    <i class="entypo entypo-warning"></i>
  • entypo-cycle
    <i class="entypo entypo-cycle"></i>
  • entypo-cw
    <i class="entypo entypo-cw"></i>
  • entypo-ccw
    <i class="entypo entypo-ccw"></i>
  • entypo-shuffle
    <i class="entypo entypo-shuffle"></i>
  • entypo-back
    <i class="entypo entypo-back"></i>
  • entypo-level-down
    <i class="entypo entypo-level-down"></i>
  • entypo-retweet
    <i class="entypo entypo-retweet"></i>
  • entypo-loop
    <i class="entypo entypo-loop"></i>
  • entypo-back-in-time
    <i class="entypo entypo-back-in-time"></i>
  • entypo-level-up
    <i class="entypo entypo-level-up"></i>
  • entypo-switch
    <i class="entypo entypo-switch"></i>
  • entypo-numbered-list
    <i class="entypo entypo-numbered-list"></i>
  • entypo-add-to-list
    <i class="entypo entypo-add-to-list"></i>
  • entypo-layout
    <i class="entypo entypo-layout"></i>
  • entypo-list
    <i class="entypo entypo-list"></i>
  • entypo-text-doc
    <i class="entypo entypo-text-doc"></i>
  • entypo-text-doc-inverted
    <i class="entypo entypo-text-doc-inverted"></i>
  • entypo-doc
    <i class="entypo entypo-doc"></i>
  • entypo-docs
    <i class="entypo entypo-docs"></i>
  • entypo-landscape-doc
    <i class="entypo entypo-landscape-doc"></i>
  • entypo-picture
    <i class="entypo entypo-picture"></i>
  • entypo-video
    <i class="entypo entypo-video"></i>
  • entypo-music
    <i class="entypo entypo-music"></i>
  • entypo-folder
    <i class="entypo entypo-folder"></i>
  • entypo-archive
    <i class="entypo entypo-archive"></i>
  • entypo-trash
    <i class="entypo entypo-trash"></i>
  • entypo-upload
    <i class="entypo entypo-upload"></i>
  • entypo-download
    <i class="entypo entypo-download"></i>
  • entypo-save
    <i class="entypo entypo-save"></i>
  • entypo-install
    <i class="entypo entypo-install"></i>
  • entypo-cloud
    <i class="entypo entypo-cloud"></i>
  • entypo-upload-cloud
    <i class="entypo entypo-upload-cloud"></i>
  • entypo-bookmark
    <i class="entypo entypo-bookmark"></i>
  • entypo-bookmarks
    <i class="entypo entypo-bookmarks"></i>
  • entypo-open-book
    <i class="entypo entypo-open-book"></i>
  • entypo-play
    <i class="entypo entypo-play"></i>
  • entypo-pause
    <i class="entypo entypo-pause"></i>
  • entypo-record
    <i class="entypo entypo-record"></i>
  • entypo-stop
    <i class="entypo entypo-stop"></i>
  • ntypo-ff
    <i class="entypo ntypo-ff"></i>
  • entypo-fb
    <i class="entypo entypo-fb"></i>
  • entypo-to-start
    <i class="entypo entypo-to-start"></i>
  • entypo-to-end
    <i class="entypo entypo-to-end"></i>
  • entypo-resize-full
    <i class="entypo entypo-resize-full"></i>
  • entypo-resize-small
    <i class="entypo entypo-resize-small"></i>
  • entypo-volume
    <i class="entypo entypo-volume"></i>
  • entypo-sound
    <i class="entypo entypo-sound"></i>
  • entypo-mute
    <i class="entypo entypo-mute"></i>
  • entypo-flow-cascade
    <i class="entypo entypo-flow-cascade"></i>
  • entypo-flow-branch
    <i class="entypo entypo-flow-branch"></i>
  • entypo-flow-tree
    <i class="entypo entypo-flow-tree"></i>
  • entypo-flow-line
    <i class="entypo entypo-flow-line"></i>
  • entypo-flow-parallel
    <i class="entypo entypo-flow-parallel"></i>
  • entypo-left-bold
    <i class="entypo entypo-left-bold"></i>
  • entypo-down-bold
    <i class="entypo entypo-down-bold"></i>
  • entypo-up-bold
    <i class="entypo entypo-up-bold"></i>
  • entypo-right-bold
    <i class="entypo entypo-right-bold"></i>
  • entypo-left
    <i class="entypo entypo-left"></i>
  • entypo-down
    <i class="entypo entypo-down"></i>
  • entypo-up
    <i class="entypo entypo-up"></i>
  • entypo-right
    <i class="entypo entypo-right"></i>
  • entypo-circled-left
    <i class="entypo entypo-circled-left"></i>
  • entypo-circled-down
    <i class="entypo entypo-circled-down"></i>
  • entypo-circled-up
    <i class="entypo entypo-circled-up"></i>
  • entypo-circled-right
    <i class="entypo entypo-circled-right"></i>
  • entypo-triangle-left
    <i class="entypo entypo-triangle-left"></i>
  • entypo-triangle-down
    <i class="entypo entypo-triangle-down"></i>
  • entypo-triangle-up
    <i class="entypo entypo-triangle-up"></i>
  • entypo-triangle-right
    <i class="entypo entypo-triangle-right"></i>
  • entypo-chevron-left
    <i class="entypo entypo-chevron-left"></i>
  • entypo-chevron-down
    <i class="entypo entypo-chevron-down"></i>
  • entypo-chevron-up
    <i class="entypo entypo-chevron-up"></i>
  • entypo-chevron-right
    <i class="entypo entypo-chevron-right"></i>
  • entypo-chevron-small-left
    <i class="entypo entypo-chevron-small-left"></i>
  • entypo-chevron-small-down
    <i class="entypo entypo-chevron-small-down"></i>
  • entypo-chevron-small-up
    <i class="entypo entypo-chevron-small-up"></i>
  • entypo-chevron-small-right
    <i class="entypo entypo-chevron-small-right"></i>
  • entypo-chevron-thin-left
    <i class="entypo entypo-chevron-thin-left"></i>
  • chevron-thin-down
    <i class="entypo chevron-thin-down"></i>
  • chevron-thin-up
    <i class="entypo chevron-thin-up"></i>
  • chevron-thin-right
    <i class="entypo chevron-thin-right"></i>
  • entypo-left-thin
    <i class="entypo entypo-left-thin"></i>
  • entypo-down-thin
    <i class="entypo entypo-down-thin"></i>
  • entypo-up-thin
    <i class="entypo entypo-up-thin"></i>
  • entypo-right-thin
    <i class="entypo entypo-right-thin"></i>
  • entypo-arrow-combo
    <i class="entypo entypo-arrow-combo"></i>
  • entypo-three-dots
    <i class="entypo entypo-three-dots"></i>
  • entypo-two-dots
    <i class="entypo entypo-two-dots"></i>
  • entypo-dot
    <i class="entypo entypo-dot"></i>
  • entypo-cc
    <i class="entypo entypo-cc"></i>
  • entypo-cc-by
    <i class="entypo entypo-cc-by"></i>
  • entypo-cc-nc
    <i class="entypo entypo-cc-nc"></i>
  • entypo-cc-nc-eu
    <i class="entypo v"></i>
  • entypo-cc-nc-jp
    <i class="entypo entypo-cc-nc-jp"></i>
  • entypo-cc-sa
    <i class="entypo entypo-cc-sa"></i>
  • entypo-cc-nd
    <i class="entypo entypo-cc-nd"></i>
  • entypo-cc-pd
    <i class="entypo entypo-cc-pd"></i>
  • entypo-cc-zero
    <i class="entypo entypo-cc-zero"></i>
  • entypo-cc-share
    <i class="entypo entypo-cc-share"></i>
  • entypo-cc-remix
    <i class="entypo entypo-cc-remix"></i>
  • entypo-db-logo
    <i class="entypo entypo-db-logo"></i>
  • entypo-db-shape
    <i class="entypo entypo-db-shape"></i>